Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Rock & Republic Cosmetics

I've always loved the rock-star vibe of Rock & Republic. It's denim for your bold and vibrant side. So have you tried the new cosmetics collection (it just launched this fall)? It gives you that same luxurious feeling, and the packaging is to die for (once I've used it, is it wrong to keep the empty compact?). Especially for the jet-set girl in you, the compacts come in glistening silver, Swarovski crystals and even real black patent leather (so chic)! I personally love the Exhibition Pressed Powder ($44). The silky smooth texture is great for fighting that annoying uncontrollable oil (don't you just love having oily skin?) and provides sheer to medium coverage, which is all you need! I absolutely hate it when you can actually SEE the powder on your face (ugh). This powder's great for setting in your make-up for hours, so you can rock on through the night, of course!

Don't forget: The lip gloss ($26) is a bullet full of super-luxe color and glimmer. The Vitamin A renews skin cells and Vitamin E fights free radicals, so even your lips can stay healthy!

Get the goods at Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale's or Nordstrom.

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