Tuesday, May 3, 2016

How I Wore My Heels: Off the Shoulder...and I Heart Heels Turns 8!

I Heart Heels is EIGHT today!!!! Woo hoo! 

Now, let me apologize to you profusely. I had planned to make this a big deal. I ran of time. I'm sure you've noticed over the past year that this blog isn't updated quite like it used to be. What happened? LIFE. I Heart Heels is baby #3 for me and it just doesn't get the tender-loving care it used to, quite honestly. I almost bought one of those huge "8" balloons for this photo. I ran out of time. I was going to have a giveaway where I give away 8 different things. I ran out of time. I was going to maybe give just one thing away and have the 8th person who emails me be the winner. But, guess what? I ran out of time for that, too. Folks, I'm busy. And I'm so, so, so sorry!

But you know what? It's like one of those things we always talk about around Christmas or Mother's Day or whatever holiday it is. Shouldn't we celebrate things we love all the time and not just make it that one day that's a big deal? I mean, I am a mother of two littles, and if you count my freelance projects I have about three jobs going at once. I love it! But I don't always have the time I used to and really hope you still loving coming to this blog and reading about my fav outfits and what's new with the kids. I want to continue to dedicate myself to this space and share things with you as I've always done. 

Will I have a post every day? Nope. But will you love the content I create and share on social media? I hope so! I plan to incorporate fun new things in my 9th year - and trust me, lots of new amazing shoes like these Gianni Bini shooties (hate that word, but had to type it) and fun new trends like this off-the-shoulder top from French Connection from Dillard's.

I Heart Heels has been my pride and joy for so long, and I'm thankful to be able to continue to share all of my fav things with you. And you better believe I've got a giveaway up my sleeves coming soon...stay tuned and thank you for reading for 8 years!!! PARTY TIME.


  1. I like off shoulder outfits very much and this one looks cool. The full black is quiet eye catching and keeps you out from the crowd.

  2. I am finally on my way back to following this blog. Ive been off and on for a few years. I love this blog, but same as you ive had just life happen. Happy 8 years!
    -teri clemente


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