Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Whiny Wednesdays: Skip Hop Zoobrella Makes Rainy (or Sunny) Days Fun

review of ladybug Zoobrella umbrella by Skip Hop and Zutano kids' clothing

What can I say? She's the cutest two-year-old I've ever seen. It literally kills me that my blogging policy has always been not to show faces because, y'all her face is adorable. She has so many hilarious expressions these days, I love it.

For about a week, we had rain literally every day. And, oh, that just so happened to be the first week of school and our new Sunday School classes. So one morning as the three of us hovered under the same tiny umbrella, I realized what we needed. Our very own umbrellas. (It kinda helped my decision as I watched another family quietly and so elegantly waltz towards the building each with their own, while we fought and screamed over getting the tiniest drop of rain on ourselves because someone was hogging the umbrella. Ok, I might hate getting wet, myself, and it wasn't just the kids. Sigh.)
review of ladybug Zoobrella umbrella by Skip Hop and Zutano kids' clothing
So now that she has her own Skip Hop Zoobrella umbrella ($15) that looks like an adorable ladybug (there are seven different animals to choose from), it hasn't rained. A drop. But, you know what? She doesn't care! She carries it around like there's a tsunami coming - and looks cute as can be. The "Livie Ladybug" umbrella really is just her size. It features a child-sized handle and a release that's gentle to open and close. The 3-D ears are definitely the cutest features, but I also love the peek-a-boo window so I can still see her when she's holding it - and (drumroll) it's phthalate free. You don't find many of those, folks.

I'll post more on her outfit soon (because there's a cuuuuuute vest) that coordinates with it when it gets slightly cooler), but you know how we love our Zutano for everyday (hello, all-the-time) wear. They have the most amazing sets, like this one from the fall 2016 collection, that slip on and off so easily and wash like whoa! This is the new Folktale print flora top ($28) and it's paired with the hot pink stretch knit leggings ($29). Little L. is in love with the bunnies on this print so much!

I'm so excited about her new fall wardrobe and mine as well! It's finally here.

See you at the playground! And...bring an umbrella?!

review of ladybug Zoobrella umbrella by Skip Hop and Zutano kids' clothing

For even more similar pieces we love from Zutano, shop the styles below!

[Disclaimer: I did not receive compensation for this post. Skip Hop and Zutano sent us these pieces for testing and review. All opinions are my own. We adore!]

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