Monday, October 10, 2016

I Heart Heels is Getting a Makeover!

glitter heels from Kate Spade
In case you're wondering I haven't posted in a few days because I've been really busy anticipating the complete redesign of I Heart Heels. I know, right?! It's enough to make anyone squeal!

I started this sweet little blog of mine in the spring of 2008, so that means this May it will be a whopping NINE years old. I figured it was time for a huge refresh.

**insert huge deep breathe** goes!

It's not that I'm tired of seeing it look as it does now (although you prob are?), it's that with time I think it's always a good idea to freshen things up, especialy when it comes to design. I've been using a template (which is embarrassing) from Blogger since I started with a cool logo my friend made for me. And while I loved it for so long, and still do, I'm so excited (can't even tell you how excited!) to have a new person come in and completely redesign the entire thing so that it's much easier for you to navigate and even prettier than it's ever been before. Gotta showcase those shoes in the best light, ya know?

So by next week, look for this huge change. I think it's fitting for so many changes I've had personally this past year to go ahead and move forward with a blog refresh as well. It's perfect, actually.

Will you celebrate with me? I've got some major exciting things in the works, y'all! (maybe a giveaway or two very soon?) Keep checking back for the NEW I Heart Heels. Wink.

(insert more squeals!!!!)

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